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An experience with the Paramacharya

R. Pattabhiraman

It was in the year 1943-44. The Acharya was on his way to attend Mahakam at Kumbakonam. He was staying for a few days in the house of Sri Sundaram Iyer, Retired Judge, near Salem.

An idea struck me. One morning I prostrated before the Acharya and told him that my wife Bhagyalakshmi was suffering from Sanka Dosha and Putra Dosha and it would be cured if he gave her a Raksha. The Acharya gave some instruction to a person standing nearby. He took me in and gave the measurements for preparing the golden plate. The same evening I submitted the golden plate to the person in the presence of the Acharya. I was told that I would here from them later on.

It was in the month of Adi. I got a letter from the Acharya that I should go over to Thirukarukavur in Tanjore District to get the Raksha. I started in the evening and arrived at Thirukarukavur next morning. The Acharya was informed of my arrival. The Acharya gave instruction to look after my comforts. I was quite at home there.

During my very short stay in the Matham, I happened to witness the Acharya giving lessons to his disciples in Sanskrit.

After receiving the Raksha I got the blessing of the Acharya and came home. My wife was wearing the Raksha in her Thirumangalyam Saradu till her death in 1985.

During the next delivery I just removed the Raksha lest it should be polluted. Immediately my wife fell ill. I tied it again and she became alright next day.